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CPM : Conductive pattern method

  • Using flexible PCB, 3D binding can be applied to the product of any shape, any structure.
  • Adhesive binding with min. thickness of Heat Emitting Circuit and Heat Emitting materials minimizes Heat Radiation.
  • Using 100% Insulation Materials provide Withstand Voltage Stability and Light Product.
  • Competitive Price with simple Work Process and Materials Saving

KSB CPM : Applied to the heatsink features

  • Minimize Heat Resistance, Maximize Heat Radiation Effect
  • General Metal PCB Thickness : 1.6mm, CPM Method PCB Thickness : 0.2mm
  • Assembling Automation

Nano-structure of heat-resistant coatings

Exist. Paint : Epoxi, Uretan, Arcryl

  • Heat Conduct. Ratio: 0.03W/m·k, Heat Rad. Ratio:(ε) 0.015.
  • Heat Rad. Paint: Heat Conduct. Ratio: 0.17W/m·k, Heat Radiat. Ratio : less 0.5(ε)

New Heat rad. paint : Complex ceramic filler

  • Nanostructure Control Technology), Eco-friendly materials
  • Heat Conduct. Ratio :150~200 W/m*k , Heat Rad. Ratio : 0.96~0.98

IP67 WaterproofDustproof

  • LED modules with waterproof fully into water.
  • Connectors with waterproof X7 grade into water.
  • Strong characteristics at external environment for outdoor street and security lightings

  •  Water spray tester waterproof test

Easy Assembling at local factory

The products can be exported by SKD or CKD base, KSB products consist of LED module, converter, bracket, housing. It is easy to assemble the parts provided by SKD base at overseas local factory.

1. Assembling modules on module bracket

2. Assembling Housing

3. Fixing module bracket in the housing

4. Fixing converter on the housing

5. Inspection and aging test


Heat radiator in consideration of optical efficiency and heat radiation
(Patent No. 10-0978105)

The heat radiator is designed to reduce heat radiation and increase optical efficiency of lighting equipment by minimizing the amount of light lost on the optical lens by adjusting the angle of heat radiation.

Type of light distribution when the heat sink of a lighting system is flat

The efficiency of a lighting system is reduced because the light converges on the center of roads and is diffused to the rear.
(As rival companies’ products adjust the direction of light only with lenses, they have limitation in light efficiency.)

The type of light distribution for KSB

LED modules are placed with the right/ left angle at 5 degrees and the rear angle with 6 degrees.
By making each of angles different, place lighting systems so that they may be located at 10m in height and 30cm in light distribution width and disperse light at the quadrilateral shape.

LED Module Design considering Light Distribution
(Patent No. 10-0978105, Utility Model No.20-0448868)

Reducing the loss of luminous efficiency due to the light reflection
Module Design for minimizing reflection/angle light

[ Existing M3 Grade ] High Lux under direct LED light, but less
expansion of brightness.
Not suitable for driver safety

[ KSB’s M1 Grade ] More sufficient Lux on the road and equalizing expansion of brightness than existing LED light, High uniformity ratio of illumination.