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CEO greeting

Welcome to KSB (Korea System Business),
digital economy leader in the 21st century

· Hold future-oriented technologies.
· Put a higher value on quality than quantity.
· Share all information.

How are you?
Welcome to our homepage.
We are making the best endeavors to become a competitive company beyond national boundaries in the 21st century digital economy era.
This hompage is designed to provide beneficial information and benefits for overseas and domestic small and medium businesses in the internet era.
We promise that all executives and employees from every business unit will provide you with the best services and support and hope that our website will become a place for the exchange of information.
Thank you.

  Enspire Group Chairman

  Soud Baalawy

 PhD in Economics, and Certified Technology  Consultant


Company Name
KSB Co., Ltd. (Korea System Business CO., LTD.)

Date of Establishment
January 11, 1999

Park Jong-Bok

· Tel. 041-584-1199
· Fax. 041-411-1035
· E-mail : info@ksbsystem.co.kr