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Patent registration

+ It is bonded using ultrasonic device for card production
+ Digital X-ray film moves Cold Storage Cases
+ Do not use Freon gas vehicles and environmentally friendly industrial HVAC systems
+ Production testing device of a car washer fluid injection nozzles
+ Eco-friendly device directly to cold
+ LCD panel and LED cooling modules for digital signage
+ Having a digital signage LCD panel and LED cooling modules
+ Coated parts coupled device
+ Blade welding device in the toner cartridge
+ Cooling/heating unit of thermoelectric device fixture
+ lighting device with a heat pipe heat sink configuration
+ Cooler is equipped with a led light fixture
+ Discharge needle bonding method of grounding rod
+ Eco-friendly air conditioning cooling/heating systems
+ Eco-friendly ground unit for the full discharge of current impact
+ Ng module for HVAC system for LCD and led digital billboard
+ Multi-channel flat-type heat pipe using vacuum tube-type solar collectors
+ Electric power distribution and communications ship for cooling/heating device
+ Electric nano-manufacturing apparatus and method
+ The antifogging glass and lens manufacturing method and by using this
+ Message marking adhesive notes
+ Nano-particles using multi-channel flat-nanotube production systems
+ Anchovy refrain from machine
+ Building panels and its manufacturing method
+ Lighting device using light emitting diodes
+ Heat unit
+ Heat pipe type heat unit exposure have applied to the street light
+ LED module
+ Heat dissipation unit using heat pipe
+ LED luminaires using high reflectance high thermal conductivity plate material
+ Multi-channel flat-plate heat pipe with nano-particles  Solar collector
+ Solar power system with energy storage
+ Basic reinforcement structure for photovoltaic device
+ Solar power plant monitoring system
+ Solar Tracking Rotary Power Plant
+ Centralized photovoltaic power plant using suspended solids
+ for water photovoltaic power generation
+ Hydrogen production system using solar power system and SPE

Award Performance

June 23, 2009
Contributing to the development of industry-academia cooperation
Korea Industrial Association
November 16, 2011
Excellent company
Korea Industrial Complex Corporation
Dec 03, 2012
Best Venture Entrepreneur Award
Venture Association
Mar 21, 2013
Innobiz Enterprise Impression
Technology Guarantee Fund
December 10, 2013
Chungnam Venture Inn Recalls
Medium Business Administration
Nov 04, 2015
Contributing to industrial complexes and regional development
Korea Industrial Complex Corporation
April 23, 2015
Commendation for Excellence in innovation competition
November 26, 2015
Contributing to the development of the country through business management and productivity improvement
Ministry of Industry and Commerce
December 18, 2015
Create Business performance
Chungnam Techno Park
Oct 23, 2018
Promotion of industrial complexes and contribution to national economic development
Ministry of Industry and Commerce
May 23, 2018
Recognition of the development of the Korean Cultural arts
Education Culture Gymnasium Light Chairperson
April 25, 2019
2019 Korea Industrial Innovation Section
Ministry of Industry and Commerce/SME venture, Ministry of Science and Technology, small venture promotion, Donga Ilbo
Sep 19, 2019
South Korean National Assembly Speaker Commendation of Merit of the Republic Korea