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+ It is bonded using ultrasonic device for card production
+ Digital X-ray film moves Cold Storage Cases
+ Do not use Freon gas vehicles and environmentally friendly industrial HVAC systems
+ Production testing device of a car washer fluid injection nozzles
+ Eco-friendly device directly to cold
+ LCD panel and LED cooling modules for digital signage
+ Having a digital signage LCD panel and LED cooling modules
+ Coated parts coupled device
+ Blade welding device in the toner cartridge
+ Cooling/heating unit of thermoelectric device fixture
+ lighting device with a heat pipe heat sink configuration
+ Cooler is equipped with a led light fixture
+ Discharge needle bonding method of grounding rod
+ Eco-friendly air conditioning cooling/heating systems
+ Eco-friendly ground unit for the full discharge of current impact
+ Ng module for HVAC system for LCD and led digital billboard
+ Multi-channel flat-type heat pipe using vacuum tube-type solar collectors
+ Electric power distribution and communications ship for cooling/heating device
+ Electric nano-manufacturing apparatus and method
+ The antifogging glass and lens manufacturing method and by using this
+ Message marking adhesive notes
+ Nano-particles using multi-channel flat-nanotube production systems
+ Anchovy refrain from machine
+ Building panels and its manufacturing method
+ Building panels and its manufacturing method
+ Lighting device using light emitting diodes
+ Heat unit
+ Heat pipe type heat unit exposure have applied to the street light