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In door


FULL-HD Portrait (32″~70″)

  • Full-HD player that has one server controlling DID and Linux embedded board, support real-time networking (wired/ wireless) and comes with free S/W. This product can be utilized as information panels for government offices, wedding halls, or building (PC type, USB and CF memory are available.).
    By the request of customers, it can be custom-made for PC-based presentation or advertisement players. By the request of customers, it can be custom-made for PC-based system or used to freely display advertisements.


Set-top box-based and embedded Linux
+ Vertical type portrait
Easy to use; the best advertising effects
compared to cost.
Automatically repeated advertisement
Support scheduling functions

+ Operating type
Internet server type: Web-based operation
Independently operating type: Memory
card-based operation
Real-time streaming type: Share folder-based
Type 1: Interactive
Two-way media play control using RS-232

+ Type 3: Network control
Server-controlled DID and file transfer
DID status reporting
Support for multi-screen
Group management

+ External type
Set-top box type

+ Displyer-integrated
→ All-in-one type
→ Comes in 15”~82” sizes.

Networking, storage media
+ Wired LAN
10/100Mbps LAN
Dynamic/ Static IP

+ Wireless LAN (Optional)
802, 11b/g wireless LAN
Dynamic/ Static IP
Support WEP Key

+ Storage media
CF Card, 2.5” HIDD, USB

  • Back light logo for light-guiding panel is available at the bottom of portrait.

FULL – HD Portrait (In door) SPEC