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Ship propeller shaft

  • This is an environmental product preventing environmental pollution from ship engine rooms. .
  • This is a semi-permanent product preventing one drop of seawater from infiltrating into the engine room.
  • This is a green ship-friendly product.
  • This product saves fuels by about 7~13% to achieve the goal of green ship program.
  • This product runs at maximum 4600 rpm and increases the velocity of a ship by 12~18%.
  • This product has achieved 0% in shaft vibration, shaft abrasion and shaft bending ratio.
  • This product can be operated with foreign substances fouled and doesn’t cause rattling or whirl.
  • This product lasts for ten to thirteen years.
  • This product will be installed to all ships and protect the environment of engine rooms.
  • It will be mandatory to install this product to newly building ships in accordance with the environmental laws.
  • This product will contribute to realizing green ship, 7~13% fuel saving and 0% environmental pollution.

Comparison with conventional products


  • Best-performing ship propulsion shaft
  • Save fuel: 13 ~ 18%
  • Pollution of engine rooms : 0%
  • Safe navigation: 0% shaft vibration, abrasion, and bending
  • Navigation-shortening time: Propulsion Shaft/ Max. RPM 4600 (12~18% up)
  • As pollutants do not come into the engine room, it is not subject to Marine Environmental Law.