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Eddy Current Testing System

Eddy Current Testing System

Eddy Current Testing System

Eddy Current Testing System


  • This is a non-destructive precision inspection system developed based upon 30 years’ experience and know-how, which will be helpful to production of high-quality products.



  • This system is different from universal systems (imported system, etc.) and customized according to the characteristic of production lines. As it uses digital methods for inspection of samples and scanning, it provide high-quality and noise-free display different from analogue methods. Owing to its simple structure, it is easy to control on the spot. Owing to easy warranty services, it is easy to solve problems within a short period of time.

Inspection Overview

  • This system detects current, impedance, and phase from samples, monitor the situation of metal products, and determine the possibility of defects.

Inspection Items

  • Determination of materials and defective materials
  • Heat-treatment inspection
  • Crack inspection
  • Forge welding inspection
  • Casting inspection
  • Inspection of internal & external cracks and holes in copper pipes and plumbing
  • nspection of anodizing in pipes
  • Inspection of cracks in tire wires and welded area
  • Inspection of cracks and welded area in steel plates or metal plates
  • Inspection of problems caused by temperature change in all kinds of metals
  • Inspection of distortion on the surface of metals over time
  • Coating thickness inspection
    ( Not affected by foaming property or foreign substances of coating products)
  • Inspection of polyurethane thickness on the deck (up to 15cm) and inspection of defects on oil pipes and large plumbing
  • Inspection of metal films
  • Inspection for welded area of all kinds of metals
  • Inspection of heat deterioration on the power inlet of subway railroads
  • Inspection of coating on cars, airplanes, and enamel products
  • Inspection of cracks inside and outside cartridges and defects of cartridge materials
  • Inspection of cracks on gun barrels
  • Inspection of distortion, defective pitch, donut-type pitch, material defect, and heat treatment of all kinds of bolts
  • Inspection of sludge-induced blockage in radiator holes
  • Inspection and determination of defects in other metal products