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Cooling and Heating System

Cooling and Heating System

Cooling and Heating System

Constitution of Cooling and Heating System

Cooling and Heating System

  • This is an electronic cooling system using thermoelectric semiconductors. The mode of heating or cooling is simply controlled by polarity transition. As electronic devices are controlling constant temperature and humidity and are installed inside the system, they are not damaged by heat or humidity and have extended lifespan and improved quality.
    They can be applied to DID, cosmetic cooler, beverage cooling system for vehicles, portable cooling case, and other purposes.

Mechanical Development

Thermo-hygrostat for indoor DID

Thermo-hygrostat for portable cooling and heating system

Thermo-hygrostat for cosmetic coolers

Beverage cooling system for vehicles

Development and Manufacture of Cooling and Heating System

  • We manufacture heat exchange systems for cooling or heating by applying high-quality thermoelectric semiconductors, heat sink, heat pipe, etc.
  • We provide essential parts for thermoelectric products including heat sink, SMPS, LED, etc as well as thermoelectric semiconductors, their core assembly, and total solution related to design and manufacture of thermoelectric products.
  • We can manufacture mount units for cooling systems and develop systems meeting our customers’ requirements.