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FA System

Factory Automation

Factory Automation

Technology Diagnosis

  • Owing to the advancement of reliability, technology, product development, and product safety since 1980, the demand on the differentiated control of technology has been growing year by year.
  • Problem of product design: Conventional product design didn’t have any procedural problems. However, there appear shortcomings related to technical issues including confirmation means and improvement is required for environment-friendly product design.
  • Problem of process design: As physical and chemical reactions are introduced to production processes, the change of working conditions may have influence on reliability.
    In case of polymeric materials used for electronic parts and appliances, the working conditions will have sensitive influence on reliability. Accordingly the influence of process changes and new processes on reliability can be inspected and potential problems solved by experts on the spot.

Mechanical development

  • Owing to manpower shortage, it will be difficult for businesses to automate production facilities and develop automated systems.
    Therefore, KSB management technology research institute will utilize its plentiful experience and skillful engineers to develop systems at a low cost, prevent system failures in advance, and prevent the financial loss of companies.

System development

  • This is intended to reduce waste of time and resources by analyzing present production processes and increase productivity by rearranging personnel, making production system more efficient, and innovating factory. After introducing new systems, companies can prevent system failures in advance and reduce any possible loss of companies.

Simplification: To reduce unnecessary production processes
Professionalization: To determine the kinds of products manufactured in the factory and prepare economical and efficient production and supply system..
Standardization: To establish standards and reduce inefficient processes.