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 ESCO energy-saving business

Introduction to ESCO energy-saving business

ESCO energy-saving business

Energy-saving consulting for businesses and factories

+ We replace low-efficiency equipments and help reduce energy costs.

Energy Service Company (ESCO : Energy Service Company)

+ ESCO is a company that replaces existing energy-consuming facilities and equipment and recovers investment costs with energy-saving costs.

Benefits of ESCO Program

  • ESCO engineers diagnose energy consumption and provide the best solutions.
  • Guarantees energy reduction until customers recover all investment costs.

ESCO procedures and information

ESCO procedures and information

Examples of ESCO energy-saving LED lighting replacement

Customer: Semiconductor manufacturer

Conventional lightings

esco_decrease_energy_08 esco_decrease_energy_10

LED lightings

esco_decrease_energy_08 esco_decrease_energy_10

Energy consumption before and after replacement

  • Monthly 25 days and annual 300 days for average operating time

Payback period and cost